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Visa for Thailand
stay until 30 days
stay longer than 30 days
visa fees
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stay until 30 days:

If your country has diplomatic relationships with Thailand you are allowed to stay in Thailand up to 30 days without a visa.

On arrival you will get a visa stamp in your passport at the airport.

stay longer than 30 days:

If you stay longer than 30 days uninterrupted in Thailand you will need a visa. There are tourist visas or non-immigrant visas for a longer stay. The tourist visa is good for 60 days each entry. You can get more than one entry.

Each entry with the non-immigrant visa allows you to stay 90 days. You can get more than one entry. You can get the non-immigrant visa with multiple entries. Than you are allowed to leave and enter the Kingdom of Thailand as often you want within one year. But even with this visa you have to leave Thailand every 90 days.

You can also do some visa run with the 'visa on arrival'. You have to leave Thailand after your visa expires and re-enter Thailand immediately. On leaving Thailand you will get a departure stamp and after re-entering you will get a new visa for Thailand. But the visa duration differs by the way how you enter Thailand. If you enter the Kindom of Thailand by land form a bordering country, you will get a 15-days visa on arrival. If you enter Thailand on an internatinal airport, you will get a 30-days visa on arrival. You can repeat this as often as you want.

Visa fees:

Visa fees:
Tourist Visa
max. 60 days stay each entry 1,000 B per entry
Non Immigrant Visa
max. 90 days stay each entry 2,000 B per entry
Non Immigrant Visa
max. 90 days stay each entry 5,000 B multiple entries

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