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Amphoe Sangkhla Buri - Sangkhlaburi district
How to go there
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Border crossing to Burma Sangkhlaburi is located 230 km to the north of the province and borders to Burma at Three Pagodas Pass to Muang Phya Tong Sue which is the commercial area of Myanmar and famous for wooden furniture.

info The border crossing at the Three Pagodas Pass is closed at the moment.

Mon kids at the wooden bridge in Sangkhlaburi Historians believe the earliest visitors to the region were the Mons, who entered present-day Thailand sometime around the beginning of the Christian area and later established Dvaravati. Even today, warfare, political turbulence, and migrations continue to define the ethnic and social landscape of Sangkhlaburi region. Many of the Karens, Mons, and Burmese who have settled in the region over the centuries have become political refugees, unable to obtain Thai passport or permits for residence and work. Most remain stateless individual wanderers - shunned by both Thais and Burmese.

However, Sangkhlaburi has a lot of natural attractions such as waterfalls, rough jungle and the Khao Lam Dam which flooded a valley of Sangkhlaburi and also parts of the old city. The old half sunken temple is a beautiful scenic area especially at sunset and sunrise. Local hill tribes (Mon) build most of their houses on the water as raft-houses. The people there impress with their charm and their natural kindness.

How to go there

Visitors can go to Sangkhlaburi by V.I.P. bus, mini bus or non-aircon bus. The tough one amongst you can take a 230 km ride through breathtaking nature by motorbike.


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Three Pagodas Pass

Three Pagodas PassThe Three Pagodas Pass played always a role in the Thai history. It was the gateway for the overland trade route from the Gulf of Martaban and the Gulf of Siam - the conduit for the culture, religion, and political institutions of India. This pass is named after the three miniature pagodas and is located about 22 km from Sangkhlaburi. Centuries ago this was the spot from where marauding Burmese armies marched into Thailand on their traditional invasions. It also marks the rugged Thai - Myanmar border and is the site of a small thriving border market.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, bus, travel agency

Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Wat Wang WiwekaramThis temple is situated on the hill side in Sangkhlaburi. Its pagoda was built in the style similar to Pha Phutta Khaya in India and its temple is housed with huge Buddha image made of marble. The monastery abbot Luang Pho Uttama is highly respected among Thai people, hill tribes and Burmese.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, bus, travel agency

Dai Chong Thong Waterfall

Dai Chong Waterfall This waterfall is located at the left hand side on the route Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi. Please turn left after a 180 km journey and follow the signs. The water of this waterfall runs into a water reservoir of Khao Lam Dam. You have to trek about 15 minutes to the waterfall through a nice and rough jungle.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, bus, travel agency

Kreng Kravia Waterfall

Kreng Kravia WaterfallThis small but lovely waterfall is located on the way to Sangkhlaburi after 180 km. The peaceful waterfall is on the right hand side near the National Park Visitor Center on highway 323.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, bus, travel agency

Wooden Mon Bridge

Wooden Mon Bridge It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand and it was built for comfortable transportation of people living in Sangkhlaburi and Mon Villagers. Nowadays the bridge is closed for vehicles but you can still walk over the wooden bridge. The bridge is a popular place to see an unforgettable sunset or sunrise at the dam. You also can take a bath like the Mon kids.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, bus, travel agency

Takien Thong Waterfall

Takien Thong WaterfallThis small but lovely waterfall is on the way to the Tree Pagodas Pass. Turn right and follow the signs after about 9 km you will reach the falls.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle

Sawan Bundarn Cave

Sawan Bundarn CaveThis cave is located on the way to the Tree Pagodas Pass. Turn right and follow the dirtroad for about 1 km. The cave is maintained by friendly monks.

Admission fee: free
How to go there: own vehicle, travel agency

Adventure tours

Some travel agencies offer elephant-trekking and bamboo rafting in immediate vicinity of Sangkhlaburi. Canoeing and kayaking on the dam or going there by motorboat.

Khao Laem Dam Sunken temple in Sangkhlaburi Kayaking
Elephant riding Elephant riding Bambo Rafting
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